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Free Short Story: Finding Francine

He’d never play football again.

Stuck in a hospital bed, Jackson Cook feels betrayed by the game he’d loved his entire life. But the game had let him down, like most of the people in his life.

Except for Jeanette Hadley, who comes to the hospital and asks for his help. 

She needs to find a missing cat. A special cat named Francine.

However, finding Francine won’t be easy and neither will what Jackson needs to face in order to find her.

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Free Short Story: Remembering Atticus

Atticus made six.

The sixth dead cat.

Teenage cat sitter Jeanette Hadley needs to find out why.

And who.

With the help of a fellow student, whose cat also met a grisly end, Jeanette will uncover someone’s quiet rage. And be forced to face her own.

A mystery short story.

“Remembering Atticus” by National Bestselling author Dara Girard is free on this site from only the 17th to 24th .

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