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Free Short Story: Pawprints in the Snow

Paul Gibbons didn’t like cats.
But the skinny cat on his doorstep looked near death and its haunting green eyes pleaded for his help.
He wanted to turn away. He needed to protect his secret.
However, he couldn’t look away and let the cat in.
A decision that could cost him his life or be his salvation.
A fantasy story about facing one’s destiny.

“Pawprints in the Snow” by National Bestselling author Dara Girard is free on this site from only the 17th to 24th .

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Pawprints in the Snow

Christmas Tales

One of my stories in The Christmas Tales Bundle is PAWPRINTS IN THE SNOW. This fantasy tale was inspired by the memory of one of the (many) cats I’ve had the privilege of caring for as a cat sitter (or lady-in-waiting  in most cases). I won’t use names, but this cat was delightfully sneaky and I always wondered what she would do if her owner got into trouble. What would she say, how would she act?  This story was the answer.

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