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Kickstarter Campaign for Writers

If you’re a writer, or know one, I hope you’ll check out my Kickstarter campaign Artists are Weird BUT Writers are Crazy.

Artists are Weird BUT Writers are Crazy is a short handy guide I wrote to help writers regain their sanity in an industry and culture that can drive them crazy.

By supporting my campaign, you’ll get this book months before its release in late 2022 and there is a special creativity bundle I created just for the campaign.

Artists are Weird BUT Writers are Crazy Campaign

Celebrating Cats at Smashwords

Did you know that August 8th is International Cat Day? Me neither.

So I was thrilled that Smashwords decided to include my mystery “Remembering Atticus” in their celebration.

You can buy that title and more here.

And if you want more of my cat tales you may enjoy the following:

Finding Francine (mystery)

The One Certainty (general fiction)

Pawprints in the Snow (fantasy)

Pawprints in the Heart (fantasy)

Pawprints in the Clouds (fantasy)