On the verge of losing everything, Isabella Duvall decides to sell her beloved home to keep her family together.

Fortunately, wealthy Alex Carlton comes to the rescue and agrees to buy the extravagant house.

But Isabella’s sisters don’t want to leave. So the eldest devises a plan: Charm the handsome bachelor and become his wife.

Isabella, however, hates the plan and as her sisters vie for his affections, she soon wonders if Alex is everything he seems.

A fun, romantic fairytale twist.

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TAMING MARIELLA (Duvall Sisters, Bk#2)

Mariella Duvall does not take orders. She gives them.

A former model, she now works behind the camera as a photographer and likes to be in charge.

Unfortunately, her latest dream project may be derailed by Ian Cooper. The brash, arrogant, although handsome, man who hired her. Mariella wants nothing to do with a man who tries to keep her in line.

However, when they find themselves stranded on assignment, Mariella starts to see another side to Ian that just may show her that sometimes surrender can be a lot more fun…

For fans of The Glass Slipper Project ready to see Mariella meet her match!

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