unexpectedpleasureebookcover2UNEXPECTED PLEASURE (It Happened One Wedding, 1)

When Tanna Ariyo gets dumped at her twin sisters’ wedding, she throws caution to the wind and asks a handsome stranger for a simple request.

She expects him to turn her down.

He doesn’t.

Soon an evening she’d thought would be a disaster turns into something more. And before she knows it, Tanna finds herself falling for a man who could either break her heart or give her unexpected pleasure…

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MIDNIGHT PROMISE (It Happened One Wedding, 2)

Microbiologist, Dr. Naomi Mensah, always gets into trouble due to her absent-minded ways.  She finds herself in trouble again at her cousin’s wedding, when she loses an expensive necklace down a grate while walking to her car.

When a mysterious stranger offers to help her retrieve it, she feels relieved.

Until he asks her to make him a wild promise.

A promise that will get Naomi in more trouble than she could have ever imagined.

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SWEET TEMPTATION (It Happened One Wedding, 3)

“You can practice on me…”

Eight years ago, Clarice Yates, put her dream of being a masseuse on hold when a family crisis forced her to take care of her mother.

Now the accountant feels stuck in a job she can’t stand. But when she helps a handsome stranger in a medical emergency she gets to put her dormant massage skills to the test.

And discovers that once isn’t enough. When she agrees to offer him private sessions, a surprising passion ignites between them.

But when another family crisis hits, Clarice must decide if surrendering to temptation is worth the risk…

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ALWAYS AND FOREVER (It Happened One Wedding, 4)

She thinks he’s a cad.

He thinks she’s a witch.

Until one little deception forces them to see each other in a whole new way.

Maid of honor Bianca Olade loves weddings.

She looks forward to attending her cousin’s big event except for one thing: She hates Broderick Radford, the best man, a celebrated photojournalist known for his reputation with women. She tries her best to keep her distance.

However, over the course of one day, she will overhear a secret, that will shock her and change how she sees him.

Soon, keeping her distance is the last thing she wants to do…

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TRULY YOURS (It Happened One Wedding, 5) 

Trent Brewster thinks nice guys finish last.

He sets out to prove it by betting his cousin that he can win over any woman within a month by acting like his womanizing brother, Xavier.

When he spots Dr. Erin Freeman at a wedding reception he decides she’ll make the perfect target.

But Erin proves to be a bigger challenge than he expected.

And soon Trent fears he may win a bet but lose his heart…

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SAY YES (It Happened One Wedding, 6)

Marriage counselor Nicole Harrison never sees herself walking down the aisle. Fed up with men and bad relationships the independent beauty plans to stay single for a long time.

But at her mother’s fifth wedding, she spots an intriguing stranger who just may have her hearing wedding bells.

However, Jayden Cassell wants nothing to do with her.

But not for the reason she thinks…

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Picture Perfect (It Happened One Wedding, 7)

When Julia Lester’s father suffers a panic attack the day of an important client’s event, she steps into his shoes as the wedding photographer.

But when the job takes her to the imposing Wendhaven castle, hidden in a Maryland forest, she fears she may ruin her father’s reputation.

 Especially when she gets lost and encounters the mysterious Mason Borden. A man who hides himself in shadow.

Can the light of a camera flash and a woman’s caring heart bring him out of the darkness?

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By My Side (It Happened One Wedding, 8)

“I was with the bride last night.”

With those seven words, wedding planner, Alicia Fox, watches her perfectly organized wedding crumble into chaos.

Her hopes for her fledgling business go up in flames.

She knows who to blame and sets her eyes on the best man—Trey DeVille.

But when Trey sets his dark, probing eyes on her, Alicia discovers getting the answers she wants may be the least of her worries.

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