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FinalPlayingforKeepsECoverOmniPLAYING FOR KEEPS (Book 1)

He could be any man she wanted…
Stacy Price needs a second chance. After a humiliating divorce and embarrassing public breakdown, the noted screenwriter wants to resurrect her career. Excited by an invitation to join the Black Stockings Society, she uses the pain of her broken marriage and writes a brilliant script. All she needs is the perfect leading man to play her ex.

Chance Jamison is adored by fans as “Dr. Michael Staton” on a popular TV show. However, he wants to change his boy-next-door image and play the conniving, cruel lead in Stacy’s story.

But when he sees Stacy wearing a pair of purple fishnet stockings, Chance realizes that he  wants to be her leading man both on the screen and off.

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AfterHoursEbookCover200AFTER HOURS (Book 2)

The best revenge?
The last thing Amera Thurston expected to receive during the holidays was a pink slip. After working five long years for the notoriously bad tempered, Curtis Bishop, she’d hoped for a raise. Angry and ready to turn the tables, she’s intrigued when she gets an invitation to join an exclusive club, and turns up at work wearing a stunning pair of sheer stockings.

Then, her life takes an unexpected turn when Curtis gets attacked and wakes up in the hospital thinking Amera is his wife!

Amera decides to take on the role to get a little revenge. But as the days pass and the charade deepens, Amera starts to fall for the man behind the beast.

Soon she starts to wonder, what will happen when his memory returns?

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APrivateAffairEbookCover200A PRIVATE AFFAIR (Book 3)

Keeping secrets…
Carissa York wants to get her life out of a rut, so an invitation to the Black Stockings Society comes just in time. But when she wears a pair of sexy stockings to a bachelorette auction, she is in for a surprise when the new boss she can’t stand wins a bid and buys her for the weekend.

Kenric Riverton wants a chance to change Carissa’s mind about him. However, Carissa turns out to be more challenging than he thought. Soon he has a new goal–convince Carissa to turn a weekend into something more lasting.

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ReturnoftheBlackStockingsSocietyBundle1-3WebReturn of the Black Stockings Society Bundle 1-3

The first three books in the popular Return of the Black Stockings Society series now in one fun bundle!

Playing For Keeps

Bitter divorcee, Stacy Price, discovers true love in an unexpected hero.

After Hours

During the holidays, Amera Thurston turns the tables on her Scrooge-like boss when he develops amnesia.

A Private Affair

Ready to break out of a rut, Carissa York finds out that keeping secrets has delicious consequences.

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JustOneLookeBookCover2_olejah_dreamstimeJUST ONE LOOK (Book 4)

The look of love?
Professional organizer Caryn Chandler thinks her life is perfect.

Until her new perm makes her hair fall out, she breaks up with her boyfriend and she bumps into Adrian Everett. The man she’d left standing at the altar eight years ago.

When an invitation from the Black Stockings Society arrives promising her a second chance at love, she jumps at the chance to fix her biggest mistake.

However, the now wealthy Adrian wants nothing to do with Caryn, until she turns up on his doorstep sporting a sexy pair of stockings.

Can just one look really change everything?

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A lesson in love?

Jodi Durant lives a lie.

When she gets a promotion at work, she fears that her lie will be discovered and get her fired. An invitation to join the Black Stockings Society, promising her a new life, comes just in time.

However, her membership comes with a price—revealing her secret to a man who could destroy her life.

Or give her the lesson she always needed.

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Taking the spotlight…

Event planner, Corinne Baylor, used to believe in happily-ever-after.

But after a painful divorce, a son who wants to live with his father, and a stalled career, she thinks love and happiness only happens in fairytales.

An invitation to join the Black Stockings Society and a chance to work with Brett Lattimore, an enigmatic business owner, comes just in time.

However, Corinne must gain the courage to let her inner vixen roar.

Or lose the love of a lifetime…


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Return of the Black Stockings Society Bundle 4-6

The next three books in the popular Return of the Black Stockings Society series now in one fun bundle!

Just One Look

Professional organizer Caryn Chandler fights for a second chance at love with the man who she’d left at the altar eight years ago.

Private Lessons

Jodi Durant learns a lesson in love from a handsome stranger.

The Main Attraction

Event planner Corinne Baylor discovers that her latest client wants to take her out of the shadows and put her center stage.

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