Winterwood Lane

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“You saved our lives…”

Jobless, broke and facing foreclosure, Kate Elliot tries to end her life several days before Christmas, but wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there.

Everyone in the Stokes family of Winterwood Lane considers her a hero. Except Evan.

After a bitter betrayal he does not trust her or anyone.

Can two broken hearts find joy during the holidays? Or is it too late?

A holiday family drama with a touch of romance.

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Meet the Barnett sisters: Faithful, good natured Beverly; headstrong, ambitious Janet; bookish, droll Francine; silly but sweet Trudy and bold, reckless Maxine. They live under the strict rule of their religious, Jamaican father in the small town of Hamsford where they’re content with their sheltered life.

But that comfortable life comes to an end when the sisters find themselves embroiled in scandal, devastated, by betrayal and one is  tempted by a forbidden love that threatens to rip their family apart.


Best Laid Plans

When life gives you lemons…

World renowned chef, Damon Reemer, intended to die a bachelor.

He didn’t intend to die within eighteen months of a visit with his doctor, but the diagnosis he receives gives him exactly that.

Eighteen months to live.

Eighteen months to give his life meaning.

Eighteen months to do what he’d always wanted.

…make lemonade

Shaken by the news, Damon makes a reckless marriage proposal to, Angela Watkins, the one woman he’d betrayed.

He seeks forgiveness.

He needs redemption.

But she and her baby boy give him so much more…

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Piece of Cake

When seven year old Cirina “Rina” Powell comes to live with her relatives, the wealthy Parker family, she shakes up their carefully organized world.

Over several months the quiet child unwittingly suffers at their hands.

She becomes…

A child who withdraws into herself.

A child who learns to keep secrets.

A child who grows into a successful pastry chef who guards her heart.

But when she meets a handsome stranger with secrets even darker than her own, she must choose whether to love him or close her heart off forever…

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This Changes Everything

Karen Palmer hates the thought of firing an employee three weeks before Christmas, but accepts the challenge.

Until Joshua Akibu, an attractive, yet surly chemical engineer walks into their meeting holding an adorable infant.

Shocked and dismayed, Karen decides to defy her superior and give the single father a second chance, although it jeopardizes her job.

Joshua can’t believe his good fortune when the savvy and beautiful Karen decides to let him keep his job. Unfortunately, he has a problem.

The baby isn’t his.

However, one little lie will teach two cautious, wounded hearts a holiday lesson about love that changes them both forever…

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Promise Me

Her best mistake?

Widowed civil engineer, Cheryl Whelan, likes to speak her mind. Especially about her annoying tenant, toy designer, Bryant Hill.

However, when she says something that causes Bryant’s fiancée to dump him, Cheryl scrambles to fix the damage. Her husband’s illness left her drowning in debt and she needs the extra income.

So she makes Bryant a promise and offers to help him win his ex-fiancée back.

But neither can anticipate where one hasty promise will lead them…

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Short Stories

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GiftForPhilomena200A Gift for Philomena

A woman’s life of drudgery  changes when an unexpected package arrives.

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(Included in The Lady Next Door and Other Stories)







Berry Picking

Love comes with surprises…

Paula Oyelowo thinks she knows the kind of man she wants. Unfortunately, her mother wants her to marry for money. Her aunt wants her to marry for love. But a trip to a berry patch soon forces her to see what she wants for herself.

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AHomeForAdam200A Home for Adam

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“Send him back!”

Adam Trelawn needs a place to stay.

His Uncle Jonah wants to give him one.

However, his wife Claire doesn’t.

With a marriage already on shaky ground will Jonah risk following his heart and sense of duty?

Or will his choice destroy the one thing Adam needs most—a family?

A heart-warming story about second chances and the true meaning of home.

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(Included in The Lady Next Door and Other Stories)




MissLanaWilsonCoverFinal200Miss Lana Wilson

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A middle aged woman thinks that her life is set to be one way, but an old friend has a final lesson to teach her.

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(Included in The Lady Next Door and Other Stories)





A Cup of CheeACupOfCheercover200-200x300r

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Alyson loves to spread holiday cheer until she meets Gareth. Can she force herself to look past his gruff ways to the man underneath?

Includes complete bonus story “New Year’s Surprise”

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CoverLadyNextDoor200The Lady Next Door and Other Stories

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A collection of five stories: “The Lady Next Door”, “A Gift for Philomena”,”Miss Lana Wilson”, “A Home for Adam”, and “Lola’s Decision.”

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