For some reason many people get problems and choices confused. Too often creatives will tell me that they can’t create because:

“I have four kids under the age of ten”

“I work 70 hours a week”

“I just got married”

“I just got promoted”

“I just moved to a different country”

“I’m getting my degree”

However, those statements aren’t problems, they’re choices.

Being a parent is a choice.

Working at a job that demands 70 hours is a choice.

Getting married is a choice.

Taking on new responsibilities is a choice.

Moving is a choice.

Getting more schooling is a choice.

Choices are great. Choices are important.

But choices aren’t problems. Sure…problems can follow, but they’re not the same thing.

Why am I making this distinction? Because a couple months ago I was talking to a writer who was upset that his kids didn’t allow him the freedom to write all weekend. He thinks they’re a problem. His kids are two and five.


Sorry, they’re kids. You’re the parent. You wanted to be one so enjoy it and write when you can. Fifteen minute chunks can work. Then focus on your priority. They will grow up and then you’ll have plenty of free time, but starting/having a family is not a problem.

It’s a choice.

A choice you’ve made for your life (yes, I know that there are places where people are forced to do things and have few choice, but my guess is, if you’re reading this blog post, you have more freedom than most and have designed your life a certain way whether you like the outcome or not).

Don’t compare. Forget work/life balance. Focus on your choices. Admit that you’ve made them then free yourself from any guilt or desire for them to be otherwise.

Start where you are and build from there.

You’ll be amazed at the life and work you can create.

Copyright Image © Lubo Minar/ Unsplash