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Seeing Red (The Wolff Brothers, Bk 1)

A survivor of a painful childhood, Damian Wolff prided himself on anticipating anything.

However, he never imagined finding himself on the wrong end of a shotgun, held by a woman in a red hooded jacket.

She wanted answers.

He wanted them too.

Soon the cabin in the woods became witness to their uneasy alliance to find her missing grandmother.

But that search would take Damian far out of the woods and on a journey into a past he wanted to forget.

 With the one woman who may hold the key to his guarded heart.

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Sooner or Later (From This Day Forward, Bk 2)

Sweet and obedient Ava Kayode takes pride in following the rules.

So she senses disaster when her flower hating sister, Maya, dodges the wedding bouquet thrown at her.

But Ava never imagined her two sisters’ actions would alter her carefully constructed life plan. Within weeks she loses her fiancé and starts lying to cover the truth from her meddling mother.

Soon one lie leads to another and eventually leads her into the arms of her best friend Dai.

The one man who could turn her organized world upside down in the most amazing and tantalizing ways.

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