Many people think life is about standing in line.

They think they’re standing in line to get ahead, to get a raise, a promotion, a break, a date, an award, recognition (and don’t be fooled a line can also look like a ‘bestseller list’ ‘top X number’ blah, blah, blah).

But you don’t have to live life in a linear way. Because in life there are lines…

And then there are circles.

Beautiful circles.

Lots of circles and you’re already part of them. What does that mean?

That means you don’t have to wait and you’re more influential than you think (ooh…look you’re surrounded).

Lines mean waiting to get ahead, waiting to be chosen, waiting to be powerful.

Circles have a different dimension.

Circles don’t have a front and back so getting ahead doesn’t matter, the power is already yours and you can pick yourself.

Lines and circles.

Where do you stand?

You choose.

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