In this special blog feature I am highlighting the amazing authors whose stories are in  The Christmas Tales Bundle.

USA Today Bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith prides himself on applying a writing work ethic he learned by using Heinlein’s Rules (he wrote a book about it that you can read for free on his site) in a career that’s spanned forty years and growing. He has written more than a hundred novels and hundreds of short stories across many genres, plus numerous articles for writers both beginner and advanced as well as producing Smith’s Monthly and editing the acclaimed Fiction River anthology series.

The Story: Santa’s Snack

A mystery story about a grown man, an attorney, alone on Christmas Eve, who can’t allow himself to believe in Santa Claus. But someone keeps eating the cookies. Every year. Just like it happened when he was a kid. Maybe Santa Claus really does exist. Or maybe, just maybe, all this skeptic needs to understand is where the jolly fat man lives.

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