In this special blog feature I am highlighting the amazing authors whose stories are in  The Christmas Tales Bundle.

Living in northern Nevada means that author Annie Reed writes while roasting in the summer and freezing in the winter and handling the finicky seasons in between. She writes across genres and is one of the founding members of The Uncollected Anthology.

The Story: Carl of the Bells

A holiday crime… with an unexpected twist.

Always on the hunt for a way to make a quick buck, Joe’s good buddy Carl thinks this year he’s hit on a winner.

Most of Carl’s schemes don’t pan out. This one looks like it just might, and that rubs Joe the wrong way.

The only problem with having a conscience—it can tell you what’s wrong, but it sure doesn’t tell you how to fix it.

“When I started this story, I thought I knew where it was going to go. Christmas, Salvation Army bell ringers, scam. Seemed obvious. And it wasn’t. It’s surprising, and you should read it.” –Kristine Kathryn Rusch, author of SANTA AND OTHER CHRISTMAS CRIMINALS

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