In this special blog feature I am highlighting the amazing authors whose stories are in  The Christmas Tales Bundle.

Award-winning editor and New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, not only writes in many genres from bestselling science fiction and fantasy,  acclaimed mysteries and goofy, heartwarming romance, she is also a generous teacher (co hosting workshops for writers on the Oregon coast) and blogger, sharing her advice to traditional and indie published writers on her Business Musings blog and in her numerous non-fiction titles such as Time Management. It was a true honor to include her story in the bundle.

The Story: Rehabilitation

The man who calls himself Matt Sturtz only connects with other human beings at Christmas.  He takes a job as a mall Santa, and marvels that no one checks his resume, or his identification for that matter. But this year, something goes wrong. Something he won’t stand for.  Something he must stop.  No matter how much it costs him.  No matter what goes wrong.

Rusch is a great storyteller.—Romantic Times

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