My latest non-fiction title, 10 Things to Forget: to be Creatively Free was a blast to write. On this blog, I’ve been writing on topics that didn’t make it into the book. You can read some other posts here and here.

Forget Being Tough
Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.
Leo Buscaglia

We don’t need you to be tough.

We need you to be brave.

Brave enough to create in spite of your tears, your fears, your disappointments, your heartbreaks.

Brave enough to get up after months or even years after being knocked to the ground.

We don’t care if you cry after getting a scathing review,
a project failing,
a health crisis,
a love one’s passing.

We don’t need you to be superhuman.

We don’t need you to pretend it doesn’t hurt when it does. We don’t need you to bury your emotions.

You’re allowed to cry. You’re allowed to rage. You’re allowed to feel discouraged, disappointed, defeated.

But wipe your tears and start again.

That’s the only toughness you need.

And it’s an act braver than you can ever imagine.

“Forget Being Tough” copyright © 2015 Dara Girard; Image copyright © 2015 by 123rf