Welcome to another 3QQ post. This time I had a chance to chat with New York Times Bestselling author Stella Cameron about her new eBook release FRENCH QUARTER and the re-release of KEY WEST.

About the book


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August 23, 2011 | ASIN: B005IKJB4S

The shocking death of her employer and patron Errol Petrie, the excesses suggested by the murder scene, and the investigation that is sure to follow are just some of the pieces of Celina Payne’s nightmare. And the last man she trusts is now the only man she needs.

Errol’s business partner and friend Jack Charbonnet, is powerful, enigmatic, and not about to let Celina hide from the truth. Somebody in New Orleans’ French Quarter killed Errol and Celina Payne tops the list of suspects. Jack’s past is as mysterious as the sultry bayou. He is said to be too dangerous to know, and deadly if crossed. Jack holds the key to Celina’s deliverance or her destruction…

This version of FRENCH QUARTER contains bonus excerpts from Stella Cameron’s upcoming paranormal, DARKNESS BOUND, an intense story of mystical danger and romance and her upcoming eBook re-release, KEY WEST, a steamy and suspenseful romance.

Originally published September 1998 in hardcover by Kensington and June 1999 in mass market paperback by Zebra Books.

The Questions

1.What drew you to write about the bayou?

I’m a jazz addict. I visited New Orleans for the jazz festival years ago and caught the Louisiana bug. The actual bayou country is mystical.  If you stand still in what you at first think is silence, you realize you’re assaulted by a thousand subtle noises, from bugs flitting in the Spanish Moss, to air bubbles popping in green-coated water–and all those other things that inhabit nooks and crannies you may miss if you don’t look carefully.  This is the perfect setting for mystery, drama, love, hate, and incredible passion.

How could I stay away from such a fertile story ground?  FRENCH QUARTER melds  action in the old city with the pull of the bayou, and the stakes are scary, but magnetic, I think.

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