As a person who creates, you’re bound to get feedback. Both good and bad.

But over the years I found that there’s a type of feedback that falls in a gray area between these two extremes. They’re called compliments. Although they’re usually well meaning, some can be deadly to one’s sense of self and productivity.

Over the next several blogs, I want to delve into dangerous compliments that can kill creativity, how to spot them and what to do with them. You can read the previous post here.

Here’s #2: “Only someone like you could do something like that.”

Why you may hear this: It’s sexier than saying “You’re weird.”

How to reply: Smile

This compliment is a tricky one. I put it on the same level as the saying ‘Bless your heart.’

In the Southern US this saying is a socially polite put down (I’ve heard it referred to as the Southern lady’s way of giving you the middle finger while smiling).

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