Most people don’t have what it takes to reach their creative desires and goals.

I really hate saying that and for years I didn’t believe it (okay I still struggle with the idea).

But as the years passed (and I listened to older professionals who’d seen the pattern and seen lots of people come and go) I had to surrender. They were on to something. I’m no longer as passionate as I once was to help all fellow creatives free themselves of their internal fears and create the lives they want.

I realized that with most people it was not lack of skill, opportunity, resources or age, that stopped them, but choice.

Everything is an exchange.

You exchange a present pleasure for something else that may or may not offer you pleasure in the future. So a writer will miss time out with her girlfriends to finish the project she wants to finish. An employee may read something to learn more about their industry so they can have a competitive edge instead of reading the latest book ‘everybody’ is talking about.

What does it take?

Commitment, consistency, a sense of curiosity, and the ability to handle failure. Delays will happen (family issues, caretaking roles, illness, moves etc…) but never is a decision. Never making time is a choice.

Never getting to the work is a choice.

Never making the decision to forgo one thing for something else is a choice.

Never happens to many people.

And never comes faster than you think.

Fortunately, I’m not writing for most people. I’m writing for people like you. You have what it takes. Make your choice. You won’t regret it.


Image copyright © Vladislav Babienko/unsplash