Just because something is written or said doesn’t make it true.

Just because something is repeated over and over again doesn’t make it important.

Just because something seems amazing or astounding doesn’t mean it’s worth your attention.

But you already know this.

You may not always be aware of how your inner compass gets hijacked. But you can reclaim it.

Find moments of stillness to hear the tiny voice that guides you. That wants you to be healthy, happy and at peace.

The voice that wants the best for you in a world that doesn’t always have that objective. This voice is not loud, it’s not exciting and it’s not new, which is why most people forget, ignore or don’t realize it’s there.

But you’re not most people and you can find the moment, even if it’s a minute, to let yourself breathe and listen.

Really listen.

We forget that the world is always changing, has always been tinged with uncertainty and madness, and that the future will not resemble the past (it’s not meant to). Each day allows us to   become different people. Growing older isn’t a tragedy, but an opportunity.

To be better.

To be wiser.

To understand that the world has always been a little crazy, but you don’t have to be crazy too.

So with the days that you have, with the time you’re given, find pockets of joy, share your gifts when you can. Simplify the complex (whether it’s your day, your schedule or your thoughts). Rest well and take care of yourself.

Copyright Image © Jiri Rotrekl/pixabay