Want an example of how crazy writers can be?

Read author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Business Musing post Brandon’s Kickstarter  and see an analysis of some writers’ reactions to a fantasy author’s phenomenal Kickstarter campaign success. By next week Thursday she should have another post highlighting even more madness so stay tuned.

If you manage to not be blinded by—I don’t know, jealousy? Insecurity? Fear? Delusion?—then you may enjoy reading Dean Wesley Smith’s  Brandon Helps Us All Once Again to see what a writer’s success on this crowdfunding platform means for other savvy writers both new and established.

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying my Kickstarter funded book Artists are Weird but Writers are Crazy is now available for pre-order. 

I hope it will help some writers get past the madness of anger, jealousy, scarcity and a host of other self-sabotaging emotions and begin to see all the opportunities that abound.