Every decade we develop an almost entirely new skeleton.

An article in the June 2019 issue of Reader’s Digest stated:

“Old bone cells are constantly being replaced by new ones, a process called ‘remodeling’. This helps repair damage to the skeleton and prevents accumulation of too much old bone, which can become brittle and break more easily.”

Our bodies do this naturally, but when it comes to our thinking we have to work a little harder. Decades can pass and one can approach a problem the same way. Or keep stumbling on the same solutions to different problems.

But in order not to become rigid and brittle in your creativity it’s well worth the effort to ‘remodel’ every decade. Take the time to replace some old thoughts with new ones.

For example, musicians have had to deal with various format changes in music delivery (i.e. the phonograph, the record player, the tape recorder, the CD player, the MP3 player, streaming) and some hate it, but it doesn’t stop the change from happening.

The key is to learn to  adjust, adapt, change.

It’s only natural if you want to survive.

Copyright Image © Danielle MacInnes/unsplash