There’s a key distinction between amateurs and professionals.

Professionals think differently.

There’s no shame in being an amateur, we all start out that way and a number of people stay that way for various reasons, the trouble comes when you think like an amateur but think you’re a professional.

But (and I will repeat it because it’s important) it’s not the actions or money that separates professionals from amateurs. It’s a way of thinking.

Professionals think differently.

It doesn’t matter the industry, a professional car mechanic looks and thinks about cars in a different way than a car owner. Same for accountants, scientists, writers, artists—they don’t indulge in “common knowledge” they know what really makes their business work.

If you want to enter the ranks of a professional in your chosen field study how they think.

What do they pay attention to?  What do they filter out? What choices do they make? What is their general attitude about certain things?

Don’t just look at the face they show to the public, but the one when they’re with other professionals.

Uncover this and you’ll get a priceless lesson on how to achieve and maintain a successful career.

Image copyright © Gerd Altmann/pixabay