I’m writing as fast as I can. Here’s what I’m working on for 2012.

The print version of THE DAUGHTERS OF WINSTON BARNETT coming early January.

Pride and Prejudice meets Fiddler on the Roof with a Jamaican-American twist.

Meet the Barnett sisters: Faithful, good natured Beverly; headstrong, ambitious Janet; bookish, droll Francine; silly but sweet Trudy and bold, reckless Maxine. They live under the strict rule of their religious, Jamaican father in the small town of Hamsford where they’re content with their sheltered life. But that comfortable life is shattered when Janet tries to leave and the wealthy Jeffrey Farmer returns to town with his foreign friend, Frederick Durand. Soon the Barnett’s world is turned upside down and the sisters find themselves embroiled in scandal, devastated by betrayal and tempted by a forbidden love that threatens to rip them apart. But they fight to stay together and learn the power of tradition, the depth of family, the healing strength of forgiveness and the destiny of love.

Buy the eBook version on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

SECRET PARADISE is complete and in production and due to hit the shelves in late February early March 2012.

Paradise just got a lot hotter

Nikki Dupree feels like the luckiest designer in the world. She’s just been commissioned to reinvent the magnificent island home of wealthy recluse Lucian Kontos. From the moment the private plane he sends for Nikki touches down, she’s enchanted by the breathtaking sunsets over the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean. But all bets are off when Nikki meets her insufferably arrogant alpha employer….

After his world was scarred by fire, Lucian thought his life was over. But Nikki could be his second chance. With her sensual beauty and passion for life, she’s slowly healing his heart. In her arms, the smoldering secrets of the past are consumed by the desire burning between them. Can Nikki see beyond the past of a wounded man who wants to spend the rest of his days loving her?

(Cover Coming Soon) The completion of the Duvall Sisters series will end with Daniella’s story in A RELUCTANT HERO which you’ll see Fall of 2012. I’m working on it right now.

HONEST BETRAYAL is a mainstream romance about a marriage of convenience that uncovers some very inconvenient secrets. It’s still in the early stages of production, but I plan to release it in summer/fall.

(Cover Coming Soon) THE AMBER BROACH .  Yes, at last you’ll get Teresa’s story from THE SAPPHIRE PENDANT.  The same sweeping romance, mystery and family drama you loved will return with a vengeance. I’m also sketching out Michelle’s story which will show up in THE EMERALD RING (2013).


A HOME FOR ADAM (A SHORT STORY). This should be out in early 2012. I’ll be working on many more short stories based in Hamsford, the town featured in THE DAUGHTERS OF WINSTON BARNETT.

I’ll also be adding more posts to my series for writers ARTISTS ARE WEIRD, BUT WRITERS ARE CRAZY.






The books I’ve just listed are on my definite list, but I’m also working on other projects that I hope will be pleasant surprises throughout the New Year. See you in 2012!