Welcome to 3 Quick Questions. Here you’ll find out about an author’s recent or latest release—in a flash. I’m very fortunate that New York Times Bestselling author Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick) agreed to stop by to discuss her current release CANYONS OF NIGHT and other upcoming projects.


Book Three of the Looking Glass Trilogy
An Arcane Society Novel – Book #12

ISBN-10: 0515149888
ISBN-13: 9780515149883

The island of Rainshadow is home to the mysterious, privately-owned woods known only as the Preserve. Now, after fifteen years away, both Charlotte Enright and her teen crush, Slade Attridge, have returned. But will their psi talents and Slade’s dust bunny companion be enough to keep them from getting drawn into the darkness at the heart of the Preserve?



1. Inquiring minds want to know. Who’s the dust bunny?

The heroic dust bunny in CANYONS OF NIGHT is named Rex. This dust bunny has a real sense of style.  He carries a clutch purse. He’s the companion of the hero, Slade Attridge, the new police chief of Rainshadow Island.

2. Will readers get to see more stories based on Rainshadow Island?

They certainly will.  CANYONS OF NIGHT is the start of a new series of adventures on Harmony.  And, yes, there will be dust bunnies.

3. What’s up next for Jayne Ann Krentz?

This year I’m going to untangle my three names.  I can already hear the sigh of relief from readers.  Believe me, I am well aware that these last two trilogies which tracked through all three of my names have not been the easiest trilogies to follow!  I appreciate those readers who followed me into all three of my landscapes — Quick, Krentz and Castle — more than they will ever know.  But now I’m going back to a different series under each name.

As I said, CANYONS OF NIGHT starts a new Castle series.  In January I will fire up a new contemporary series under my Jayne Ann Krentz name, the Dark Legacy Novels.  The first book in that series is COPPER BEACH.  And in April CRYSTAL GARDENS will launch my new Amanda Quick series, the Ladies of Lantern Street novels.  There.  Is that confusing enough?

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to chat with your readers.  Thank you so much for inviting me.  And by the way, Dara, I’m really looking forward to your September release, ALL I WANT IS YOU.

It was a pleasure having you Jayne.

Three different names, three different landscapes and one great promise–an entertaining read. Find out more about Jayne on her website and on Facebook.