In this special blog feature I am highlighting the amazing authors whose stories are in  The Christmas Tales Bundle.

Author Karen L Mckee’s desire to understand other cultures not only influences her  frequent travels (visit her website for some stunning photographs) but also her writing. Fortunately, she took time to share what inspired her heartwarming romance.

The Story: A Christmas Blizzard Kiss

Two years ago Rebecca Murray lost her husband and her laughter. She began living life by going through the motions. On a blizzard night, her sixteen-year-old son goes missing from the family ranch. Rebecca must brave the snow storm in order to find him. But the night and the wilderness bring dangers. Can a chance meeting with a winter cowboy bring an early thaw to bring joy to Rebecca’s life?


The Questions


 1. Are you more of a hunter or gatherer?

Hmm. I think I have aspects of both in my nature, but when it comes to my writing I seem to be more of a gatherer. I gather ideas like wool (or maybe like dust bunnies). They collect and something mysterious happens and they weave together into a story idea. Often this mysterious something is like an epiphany that comes as I wake up in the morning or while I’m out for a walk along the beach. Then the trick is to get the idea down on paper before the idea disintegrates into dust bunnies again!

2. What inspired this Christmas story?

This story was inspired by a time in my life when I homesteaded in central British Columbia, Canada. In the winter the snow locked everyone inside, but my husband and I had horses and every Christmas our family would go out on horseback to find the perfect tree. With the snow clouding up around us, we’d canter home dragging the tree wrapped in horse blankets. Memories of that part of my life are some of the most powerful that I have—the cold, the snow, the clear winter light and family. And Christmas baking, too! It wasn’t a stretch to imagine a romance wrapped up with the magic of Christmas.

3. Can you share a favorite saying or quote that keeps you going?

One cannot discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide

The saying inspires me to keep writing even though the shore has been out of sight for a very long time.

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