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UNEXPECTED PLEASURE (It Happened One Wedding, #1)

When Tanna Ariyo gets dumped at her twin sisters’ wedding, she throws caution to the wind and asks a handsome stranger for a simple request.

She expects him to turn her down.

He doesn’t.

Soon an evening she’d thought would be a disaster turns into something more. And before she knows it, Tanna finds herself falling for a man who could either break her heart or give her unexpected pleasure…


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JustOneLookeBookCover2_olejah_dreamstimeJUST ONE LOOK (Return of the Black Stockings Society, #4)

The look of love?

Professional organizer Caryn Chandler thinks her life is perfect.

Until her new perm makes her hair fall out, she breaks up with her boyfriend and she bumps into Adrian Everett. The man she’d left standing at the altar eight years ago.

When an invitation from the Black Stockings Society arrives promising her a second chance at love, she jumps at the chance to fix her biggest mistake.

However, the now wealthy Adrian wants nothing to do with Caryn, until she turns up on his doorstep sporting a sexy pair of stockings.

Can just one look really change everything?

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BODY CHEMISTRY (The Black Stockings Society, Book 3) Reprint

Biologist Brenda Everton dedicates her life to her work.

When an important project needs funding, an invitation from the mysterious Black Stockings Society comes just in time. She puts on a pair of sequined black stockings to convince her ex-husband, wealthy entrepreneur Dominic Ayers, to help her for the sake of scientific research— nothing more.

However, one look at Brenda makes Dominic realize how much he wants her to desire more than just his money. He wants a second chance to show her there’s more to life than work. And he plans to teach her a lesson about passion that will leave her breathless…

Originally published in 2009 by Kimani Press

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A-Gentlemans-Offer-GenericA GENTLEMAN’S OFFER (The Black Stockings Society, Book 2) Reprint

Will this Cinderella get her happily ever after?

Dog groomer Yvette Coulier dreams of living like her wealthy clients. Tired of being overlooked and chased by men who want fun and no commitment she wants a change.

When she receives an invitation from the mysterious Black Stockings Society, she immediately wears the sexy sheer stockings that arrives in the mail and catches the eye of the wealthy Nate Blackwell…

For reasons of his own, Nate offers to make her dream come true: He’ll give her a new life for a month, if he can pose as her valet.

Yvette quickly accepts, but soon learns her fairy tale comes with a twist when desire for the secretive Nate becomes the greatest treasure of all…

Originally published in 2008 by Kimani Press

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Power-Play-GenericPOWER PLAY (The Black Stockings Society, Book 1) Reprint

Mary was a little lamb…

Mary Reyland wants revenge against Edmund Davis, the man who cost her a promotion. Tired of being taken for granted and overlooked, she eagerly puts on a pair of sexy fishnets for her next business meeting…

…Until she decided to take control

Her new look shocks Edmund, who never expected much from ‘mousy’ Mary. He likes being in charge, but the newly confident Mary makes that difficult. However, he won’t give up easily and soon discovers a new challenge—getting Mary to see his way in both business and pleasure…

Originally published in 2008 by Kimani Press

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On a family trip abroad, ten year old Catherine Ojo goes missing.

Her three step-sisters know what happened, but vow never to tell.

Soon their shared silence uncovers dark family secrets and threatens to tear their family apart.

But little do they know that thousands of miles away a young girl embarks on a nearly twenty year journey to reclaim the life stolen from her and make her sisters pay.

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DangerousCurvesEbookCover200WebDangerous Curves
Henson Book 4

Playboy Kevin Jackson likes fast cars and fast women.

But when a car accident sends a close friend to the hospital and leaves him with no memory of what happened, his life spirals out of control.

Until he hires Dominique Cartwright as his new driver.

A decision that costs him his heart and takes him on the ride of his life.

Fans of the Henson series finally get to see Kevin meet his match.

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