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(formerly called Seven Things That Don’t Get Done When I’m on Deadline)

I originally wrote this post in 2008 and thought I’d give it an update. Deadline blindness is not a malady all authors face, lucky sods, but I certainly do. Here are the things I don’t do or see when I’m on a deadline.

1)      Laundry. I just fill another basket.

2)      Letters/Emails. Haven’t heard from me? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

3)      Social Networking. Facebook? I have a Facebook page?

4)      Reading. I love books and I have a stack waiting for me, but I can’t get to them yet.

5)      Dinner. Soup anyone?

6)      Organization. No, a storm did not strike my desk. Yes, I know where everything is. Trust me.

7)      Housekeeping. I just pretend the place is clean and make sure not to invite anyone over.

8)      Conversation. Yes, you’re right. I wasn’t listening.

9)       Exercise. I’m living on soup anyway.

10)  TV.  It’s just a big black box.

But I’ve handed in my manuscript and the deadline crisis is over so that I can rejoin the world. Thank God for streaming. Downton Abby Season Two here I come…