My latest non-fiction title, 10 Things to Forget: to be Creatively Free was a blast to write. On this blog, I’ve been writing on topics that didn’t make it into the book. You can read the other posts here.

Forget The Guilt Trip
Guilt is cancer. Guilt will confine you, torture you, destroy you as an artist.
It’s a black wall. It’s a thief
Dave Grohl

You’re not perfect and life happens.

There will be times when you:

Miss a deadline/opportunity.

Disappoint someone.

Make a mistake.

That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It happens. Let it go.

Belittling yourself and rehashing your flaws and perceived failures (or letting someone else rehash them for you) is a pricey and dangerous hobby.

Fiercely guard your authentic (imperfect) self. Yes, there is a price to pay for that as well, but your art depends on it.

There are many journeys in our lives, the guilt trip is one journey you can skip.

“Forget the Guilt Trip” copyright © 2015 Dara Girard; Image copyright © 2015 by 123rf