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Forget Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda


“But those woulda-coulda-shouldas all ran away and hid from one little Did.”

Shel Silverstein

Ah, if only that were always true, but sometimes it’s not.

“You shoulda done this.”

“I coulda done better.”

“I woulda if I had the time.”

Sound familiar? These statements usually pop up after someone has taken a risk to do something and stand by it. They like to point out the mistakes and the wasted possibilities.

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Forget Validation


My latest non-fiction title, 10 Things to Forget: to be Creatively Free was a blast to write. On this blog, I’ve been writing on topics that didn’t make it into the book. You can read the other posts here and here.

Forget Validation

“People confuse fame with validation or love. But fame is not the reward. The reward is getting fulfillment out of doing the thing you love.”
Claire Danes

As an artist, you can take lots of risks. You can be innovative, a trendsetter, do something people have never seen before.

And people may cheer and throw lots of money at you.

Or they may throw tomatoes and insults.

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