I’ve been working on revising and updating my nonfiction book The Writer Behind the Words. A lot has changed since its release in 2007.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Writers still doubt themselves. They turn to others to guide their creativity and manage their careers, which can be to their detriment at times.

If nothing else, I still want writers and (other creatives) to have the tools they need to succeed. One tool is the right mindset.

You’re not stupid just because you:

Make mistakes.

Ask a lot of questions.

Get overwhelmed by information.

Don’t know it all.

Fail where others succeed.

Become intimidated by unfamiliar events or environments.

Being confused or unsure has nothing to do with your ability to achieve something.  As someone who has made lots of mistakes and dealt with lots of failures, trust me, persistence and constant learning keeps you in the game.

They’re a great equalizer.

Put them in your arsenal and wait to be amazed.

“You’re smarter than you think” © 2018 Dara Girard; Image copyright at top of post © Glenn Carrie/Unsplash