I went out with a friend who was certain that everyone noticed the tiny string hanging from the hem of her dress. She hadn’t seen it when she’d come to the event and thought for the past hour people were silently laughing at her.

I told her nobody noticed. Nobody cared. It wasn’t important. But until she could get a pair of scissors to cut it she was uneasy. And even after it was cut she worried about all the people who had seen it.

She could have spent the time engaging and charming those around her, but she was so busy focusing on not being the perfect impression of herself that she lost the opportunity to shine.

I see people do this all the time.

Many people live their lives thinking people are paying attention to their flaws, their mistakes.

But most people don’t care and focusing on how imperfect you are is a way to hide. Focusing on your flaws is a great excuse to not use the attention you have and make the impact you can.

But what if you didn’t do that? What if you didn’t hide?

What if you lived your life as if no one is paying attention to your flaws?  What if you lived your life right now as if you’ve got something important to share that is much needed by someone else and people are listening?

What would you do?

Do that now.

As we know, attention is valuable. If you’ve really got someone’s attention don’t waste it on imaginary problems, focus on real ones.

Thanks in advance.

Copyright Image © Matthias Wagner/unsplash