Many people have an agenda for you. They want you to:

Spend more money

Watch more shows

Eat more

Doubt yourself

Blame others

Be angry, disappointed, frustrated

You have a choice to set your own agenda and stick to it. It’s not easy and it takes a consistent effort, but you can get in the habit of creating your own agenda. You can:

Learn more

Tolerate more

Be happier

Be more carefree

Trust yourself more

However, you’ll be in the minority, and there’s a price to pay. Your brain is designed to notice lack (lack of resources) and attack (who’s watching?) for the sake of survival and marketers know that. They exploit it.

It’s your job to fight it.

So setting a new agenda can feel lonely (no, I didn’t binge-watch/listen to anything this weekend) or strange (no, I’m fine with my device/car/clothes, right now) but the price for inner peace and creating the path where you want your life to go is worth the sacrifice.

Dance to your own rhythm.

Copyright Image © absolutvision/unsplash