The little voice in your head wants to keep you safe.

It whispers:

You’re not ready yet.

You’re no good.

Nobody cares.

You have nothing to offer.

Don’t embarrass yourself.

Sometimes the little voice shouts.

Sometimes the little voice screams.

Even worse, sometimes the little voice is echoed by someone you trust—a parent, a friend, a teacher, a colleague.

Sometimes the little voice becomes a roaring scream that drowns out all your other thoughts (thoughts of joy, fun, contribution) and paralyzes you with fears and doubts.

And that’s okay once you understand that the little voice is doing its best to stop you. To keep you safe.

Remember that and ignore the little voice until it becomes a whisper again.

A whisper that may always be there, but it will be a whisper with all the impact of a feather against a boulder.

Present but immaterial because:

You are ready.

You can always get better, just start.

Someone cares.

You have something to offer.

Embarrassment isn’t fatal.

Free yourself of the little voice that’s stopping you, it’s a courageous act.

Image copyright © John Hain/pixabay