But everyone’s doing it.

Doing anything solely based on what everyone’s doing is a great way to stay stuck.

Following everyone means you’ll accept the outcome everyone gets. (I know, I know there’s no such thing as ‘everyone’ so if you can make that distinction you’re already ahead of me).

Everyone isn’t creating something, building connections, building communities, making a difference, or striving for change.

You can’t take the easy path, the well-trodden road, and expect an extraordinary outcome.

Or even an exciting one.

Your goals and aspirations aren’t going show up when you’re walking stridently in the middle of the crowd.

It feels safe, you’re not alone, but there’s a price to pay.

The price of being like everyone else.

Don’t complain, accept your choice.

However, if that’s not your objective, then you have to be brave enough to ignore everybody and see what ‘the others’ are doing:  The ones who are forging their own path; the ones who are paving a way.

Modeling a different version of success is a great strategy to help you achieve what everyone else only talks about.

Image copyright © Eak K/pixabay