Depending on what calendar you use it’s halfway through the year. June is a good time to pause and look around and shake up some truisms.

What do you believe to be true?

Is it still true?

Is that perfect schedule still perfect?

Is that great relationship still great?

Is that excellent strategy still excellent?

If you’re not happy with where things stand in your life right now, that’s okay (life is full of ups and downs). For example, has a 2018 goal fallen by the wayside?

Pick it up again. There’s plenty of time left to achieve it.

You can still lose five pounds.

Write twenty short stories.

Start that novel.

Learn to dance.

Learn to cook.

Draw that comic strip.

Go ahead…hit Reset.

And if in three months (or more) you’re still floundering, guess what…you can hit Reset again.

“Reset” © 2018 Dara Girard; Image copyright at top of post © Imama Iavi /Pexels