No matter how old you are you’re fertile ground.

Too often we falsely believe only children are fertile ground that will soak up and be influenced by their environment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine  seeds are being planted.

It’s both a good and bad thing.


Because fertile ground isn’t discerning. It will let poisonous plants flourish just as easily as nourishing ones.

So seeds of bitterness, growth, love, hatred, fear, joy, compassion grow within us and spread to others with abandon.

The wonderful thing is that with effort and attention, you can choose which seeds you will water, let take root and flourish and the ones you will let wither and die.

How do you water some seeds and starve others?

Easy, it’s what you pay attention to. It’s who you’re spending the most time with (someone upbeat versus someone critical). It’s the activities that fill your days. The thoughts you let fill your head.

You can’t help being fertile ground, but you can choose what seeds you’ll let grow.

Image copyright © Siggy Nowak/pixabay