Feelings aren’t always a good gauge of reality.

You can feel stupid, but that doesn’t mean you are.

A situation can feel helpless and hopeless that doesn’t mean it is.

As a creative it’s important to feel things and acknowledge them, but it’s just as important to realize that your feelings can skew how you look at yourself, someone else, or an experience.

Sometimes it’s best to leave your feelings at the door.

Sometimes it’s more important to look dispassionately at a situation and think about it, rather than let your feelings rule.

This means taking the time to think and analyze the situation.

For example, if you feel stupid, is that true, or just the situation you find yourself in at that moment?

If you feel people are talking about you. Is this true, or what you perceive?

At times it helps not to react, but to take the time to let your head rule your heart.

Image copyright © Gino Crescoli/pixabay