Two years.

An aspiring writer stopped writing for two years after receiving an eviscerating critique from a trusted friend.

The writer is slowly learning to enjoy writing again, but it’s been a long road.

As a creative person learning to depend on yourself is a useful skill to develop.


Because as much as criticism can be detrimental, praise can be just as harmful.

You must learn how to weight either one (or ignore them).

Don’t depend on endless effusion; once you get addicted to writing to the crowd or for validation then the moment it’s gone you’re sunk.

Don’t depend on constant criticism as the only means to improve. If you change your work with every criticism hurled your way you may lose your voice, your joy or your career (or never get to start one in the first place).

I trust only a few readers to give me feedback on whether a story worked or not, but I depend on myself to know what to listen to and what to ignore.

Protect your vision. Defend your unique genius.

Create with joy, share with caution.

Image Copyright © lechenie narkomanil/pixabay