“ The biggest deception of our digital age may be the lie that says we can be omni-competent, omni-informed, and omni-present…We must choose our absence, our inability, and our ignorance—and choose wisely.” Kevin DeYoung, Crazy Busy

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your life to be  it’s very easy to get distracted. To volunteer for your kid’s overnight trip when you already feel overwhelmed.

To lead a new project when you already have several that are past due.

To teach others when you’re only getting the basics.

There are always new books to read, new things to do, new people to meet, opportunities to improve abound.

But you can’t do them all at once and it takes careful cultivation to make sure your life is designed for you. You’re going to miss out on something…something unimportant.

It is important that you understand you can live with less anxiety and enjoy all the opportunities you have now.

For example, when I speak to new writers and encourage them to study craft, copyright, business, marketing, finance, entertainment etc… they become overwhelmed until I let them know that it takes years of study. They need to break down what they need to do and learn into manageable steps.

It may mean that they have to exchange keeping up with the latest blockbuster movies/songs/shows/trends with reading about copyright or marketing. Such small actions will make a big different in the future.

So make a choice. Do you really need to know that now? Or is it a distraction?

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