What is a good day?

The key is to realize that you get to decide.

Is a good day:

Spending time with family?

Laughing with friends?

Learning something more about the cosmos/gardening/parenting/technology?

Trying a new recipe/restaurant/store/style?

Experimenting with a new tool/tactic/format?

Reading an interesting book/article/white paper?

Listening to a fascinating song/podcast/lecture?

A good day is personal. It may not be all that exciting to someone else. It may not be something you can photograph and share to make your life look fabulous.

Those days, the ones that are easily shared are usually great/amazing/thrilling/marvelous days.  They include:

Holidays abroad



New homes



Graduations etc…

But while those days happen they don’t make up your life. The majority of your life is built on ordinary good days.

Make sure to design them wisely.

Copyright Image © Patrick Tomasso/unsplash