HOLIDAY HEARTS (Short Story Collection)

Celebrate love and the magic of the holidays in this short story collection.

Discover what happens when a woman asks a stranger to help her fool her neighbors in “The Special Guest”. Find out how one woman copes with going to a dreaded party in “New Year’s Surprise”. See a new husband and father struggle to create the perfect holiday for his family in “The Perfect Christmas” and delight in the magical tale of a woman who gets a second chance she’d never imagined in “A Fortunate Mistake”.

Enjoy these stories and more in Holiday Hearts.

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10 Holiday Stories: A Collection

Get comfortable in your favorite reading spot and dive into these ten stories featuring different holidays.

Christmas is highlighted in the story of a jaded singer who learns to renew her joy in music in “A Song to Remember” and a new father and husband struggles to create the perfect holiday in “The Perfect Christmas.” In “Something New” a young woman wants to create a different Thanksgiving tradition and a boy’s secret desire comes to life in “A Mother’s Day Wish.”

Whether serious, funny or with a touch of magic, this collection of stories is sure to delight.

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Winterwood Lane: A Novella

“You saved our lives…”

Jobless, broke and facing foreclosure, Kate Elliot tries to end her life several days before Christmas, but wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there.

Everyone in the Stokes family of Winterwood Lane considers her a hero. Except Evan.

After a bitter betrayal he does not trust her or anyone.

Can two broken hearts find joy during the holidays? Or is it too late?

A holiday family drama with a touch of romance.

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