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Free Short Story: For All Time

Business consultant, Margery Davis, prides herself on planning everything.

However, she never planned on spending Christmas alone.

She blames poor choices and lost chances.

 Regrets assail her and she tries her best to drown them in alcohol.

Until one magical moment stops her.

A moment she could never believe while sober. A moment she could never remember drunk.

A moment that will change this holiday in a way she could never imagine.

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Remembering Etel Adnan

Her advice to budding artists: “…being an artist means you’ll always be a little insecure and a little unsure, because you don’t know where you’re going a lot of the time–every act of creation is new. You may have feedback and there are moments when people will give you reassurance, but you won’t have that always. But that’s true of life in general, and people make too big a fuss over the struggles of being an artist, as though an artist’s humanity is different from anyone else’s, as though we are a different kind of creature. It’s not. We are not. Keep going.”

She was 87 when her art work found a wide audience but she didn’t need it saying, “I always had a few people who liked what I did and that was enough.”