The greatest superpower is luck.

Stan Lee, legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics

Hard work and a strong work ethic are important, but many creatives can forget or overlook the role of luck on the path of success.

Because of this they wonder why they haven’t made it to certain goals or milestones. But it’s important to see clearly how the world works (not how you want it to work).

Rules of the game can change.

Strategies that once worked can fall out of favor.

Popular trends can disappear, deals can fall through, doors can close, partners can turn into enemies, and the list goes on and on.

That doesn’t mean you stop, but be very careful about some of the ‘success stories’ you follow. Many are missing a chapter called luck.

That doesn’t mean you don’t work hard, but never be fooled that working hard is all it takes.

You don’t stop, it may be a longer road, it may be a different road you have to take, but recognize that luck is often a part of success. But don’t despair, you can increase your chances of luck…..Things to Try:

10 Ways to More Luck

If you’re feeling down  and want something fun and silly, pick up a copy of Dr. Seuss’s Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?


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