In celebration of Tell a Fairytale Day I wanted to share five things fairytales can teach creatives:

A story is a triumph or a tragedy depending on the point of view

Everything is subjective. All the villains had good (to them) reasons for the actions they took (Yes, murder, oppression, lying, poisonings, curses and the like seemed like very good solutions to the problems they were facing.)  So as a creative how are you telling your story? Most people cast themselves as the hero and forget that other people are also as part of their story. Who are the ‘villians’ in your life? If you look at it from someone else’s point of view how does the story change? How can you use it to your advantage?

Patterns can be powerful

Three tasks, seven days, six stones etc… Repetition is what separates creative amateurs from professionals. It’s not a one and done. Their efforts are repeated many times. Some creatives work seven days a week at their chosen craft, others two, but few create just once a month or once a year.

Help is there when you need it, but you have to know who to trust

Most fairytale heroes and heroines find helpful guides—whether friend, animal or magical creature—when they need them. Don’t feel you have to create in isolation. There are people out there who can and want to help you get where you need to go, but you have to be able to discern the difference between those who will truly help and those who will hinder you.

Trial and error are part of the journey

Many heroes and heroines make mistakes and end up in trouble (that’s when things get interesting) but they don’t wallow in their misery. When you make a mistake just realize it’s part of life, it’s what makes life interesting and find a way how to fix it.

Be careful what you consume

Whether it’s a shiny red apple or crumbs left along the road, be careful what you eat. A bad diet will affect you eventually and people you trust may be the ones giving it to you. (this also applies to what you watch, read and buy)

Bonus! You can write your own.

They’re just stories. You can write, draw, tell etc… your own fairytale.  Go! Have fun.

Image copyright © Liana Mikah/unsplash