Letting go is a creative act.

Art can be found in the white spaces, hidden between the lines.

It is truly an act of creation to shed who you used to be, to step into a new realm.

Cleaning out your closet, removing tools or utensils you no longer use can be a very powerful act.

Sometimes a necessary one.

For those of you who find yourself with time you didn’t expect to have don’t feel guilty that you’re not filling it up.

Filling it up with noise, chatter, things.

You don’t have to learn how to cook, dance, or learn programming if you’re mourning the loss of a job, a friend, health, a way of life, a sense of safety.

But in that space, that special space, take the time to heal and don’t be surprised of the person who emerges. The person who you need to be to face a different future.

Don’t be afraid to let go and grab a hold of something new.

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