It’s not what school teaches you.

It’s not what society teaches you.

It’s not about always having the right answer.

It’s not about never being wrong or making mistakes.

Being smart is about:

Knowing what you don’t know and getting the information you need to change that.

Using the resources you have in a way that will advance your goal.

Seeing a problem and solving it.

Taking and absorbing new information and changing your mind if necessary.

Asking probing questions and really listening to different replies.

You’re smarter than you think so don’t be afraid to learn.

Learning something new or something you thought you knew but really didn’t, doesn’t make you dumb (you may feel dumb while learning, you may do dumb things, but you’re not dumb).

Learning, always learning, is the smart thing to do.

It’s what will separate you from most.

Copyright Image © Patrick Tomasso/Unsplash