Starting can be scary.

It takes initiative.

It takes courage.

It takes an internal drive to face the fear of the blank unknown and just get going not knowing the outcome.

However, it also takes initiative and courage to know when to stop.

To step back from what you’ve done and say this is finished.

This is the best I can do.

Many people underestimate how scary stopping/finishing a project can be, because stopping one thing means you have to start something new.

You complete one book/story/poem/song. You write another.

Again and again.

So the cycle begins. Starting, stopping. Starting, stopping.

That’s how you grow your business, your craft, your body of work.

You get started—preferably now if you haven’t already.

And then you stop. You finish.

Then start again.

And stop.

You repeat these two crucial steps until something amazing happens.

They both no longer become terrifying but equally thrilling.

Image copyright © Felix Mittermeier/ pixabay