He needed help.

The teenager suffered suffocating migraines, panic attacks and had once tried to burn down his house. Jack was a troubled kid, but in 1929 there weren’t many options for him.

Until his desperate mother dragged him to a lecture by a popular nutritionist who presented a possible solution.

A solution most American medical doctors warned was dangerous.

A solution they thought could cause heart attacks, hemorrhoids, and possibly impotence.

What was this terrible thing to be avoided? The one thing that could change this teenager’s life?

Daily exercise.

Fortunately, a young Jack LaLanne didn’t listen to the naysayers. He adjusted his diet and activity and slowly pulled himself out of a debilitating illness and depression. Naturally, he faced brutal criticism, but in the meantime he changed his life and those of others.

What are the naysayers saying that you know in your heart is true? That if known could help others?

Go on…share.

We may not listen at first. We may not listen for years. But keep pounding out your message if you believe it will help us reach higher than we could ever dream.

I believe a new enlightenment is always on the horizon.

Don’t be afraid to lead the way.

And if you are afraid, that’s okay too. Do it anyway.

Image copyright © Alexander Milo/unsplash