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5 Tips to a Model Life

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Do you want to know how to feel fabulous every day? How to turn heads in an instant? How to stand out without doing anything? I can show you how.  If you’ve read my latest release ALL I WANT IS YOU or TAMING MARIELLA you know that the heroines (Monica and Mariella respectively) were models. I felt comfortable writing these characters because I used some of my background to shape them. I grew up around models and got to see them as ordinary people. One of my aunts worked in a modeling agency, another family friend has a niece who’s now an international model. I’ve met print models and hand models and I learned from all of them. You can too. You don’t have to model to live a life where you’re complimented, admired, and treated well.

Here are five tips:

  • Only wear clothes that make you feel good. A person who feels good about themselves glows. They have an ‘air’ a ‘charisma’. Get rid of clothes that are too tight or too big or just don’t fit right. I don’t care who bought it for you, if you feel awful in it, don’t wear it. How you feel will show. If you like polka dots wear them! Wear the colors that make you feel alive.

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Stealing Fire: The Joy of Being a Writer

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I am working on so many different projects, sometimes I’m not sure I can keep up. But I’m having lots of fun as I prepare to re-release GAINING INTEREST and schedule to launch three original works before the end of the year.  And, in case  you think I have extra time, I am also starting another book for Harlequin that’s scheduled for Fall 2012 ( Readers take note: SECRET PARADISE is now in the hands of my editor and is scheduled for March 2012. Whoo hoo!)

Recently an uncle caught me in deadline mode (not the prettiest of pictures I admit) and he feared that I ‘worked too hard’. But I truly enjoy what I do. Here are some thoughts on being a writer.

To me a writer:

Wastes no time on excuses. S/he writes.

Respects his/her audience.

Ignores labels.

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Interview with eBook Prep and ePublishing Works! founder Nina Paules

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Do you have a manuscript (published or unpublished) that you’d like converted into eBook format? Then check out my interview with Nina Paules who’s the founder of eBook Prep. You will also find out more about her distribution company ePublishing Works!

Not only will you learn a lot about this new opportunity for writers, she’s also giving away an all-inclusive package for a random commenter. So stop by and say something!

Let Freedom Ring

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As people celebrate Independence Day in the US, I want to celebrate four other types of freedoms.

1. Freedom to dream.
2. Freedom to work towards your dream.
3. Freedom to fall down and get back up again.
4. Freedom to create bad art.

I’m going to expand on the last freedom because a lot of writers struggle with it. They look to critique groups, agents, editors, friends, and/or teachers to validate their work and give it a stamp of approval. They want to create masterpieces. Here’s a news flash. Most masterpieces came after a lot of sh**ty work.

Manure helps things grow, whether it’s a harvest or talent. It’s not your job to judge your work. Your job is to finish it then create something else. The more you create the better you’ll be. So free yourself from striving for perfection. If you’re courageous enough to be bad, you’re daring enough to be great.

Let freedom ring!

The Big Apple

I’m busy packing up for my trip to New York. I’ll be attending the annual Romance Writers of America conference. I plan to meet old friends and make new ones, take lots of notes and find out what’s happening in the industry. I have a feeling I’ll come back both exhausted and rejuvenated. But that’s to be expected because conferences can be overwhelming, if you don’t know how to handle them.

If you’re a newbie to the conference scene, here are three tips:

Smile. You know that ‘dear in the headlights’ look? Not attractive. You know that falling on your knees in worship over an author whose work you adore? Also not attractive.  How about noticing another smug aspiring/published author you can’t stand and spreading a nasty rumor about her sleeping habit? That is also very unattractive. My advice? Breathe and smile. You’ll appear approachable and friendly.  No matter what happens, be gracious. Whether you’re shy and feel like digging yourself a hole and jumping in or you meet with an agent who decides not to look at your latest project. Just smile and move on.

Have confidence in yourself and your work. Whether you’re unpublished or a new author, hold your head high. Don’t apologize for being unpublished or make excuses about your work. Be its biggest cheerleader. (If you don’t believe in your work why should anyone else?). Stand tall and smile.

Have fun. Okay so there may be some competition, some jealousy, some backbiting. You don’t need to be part of that. Keep in mind the workshops you want to attend, the lessons you want to learn, the people you want to meet and focus on them. Take notes, chat, soak up the sights, the sounds, the smells, the experience of being with creative people whose stories move the hearts of millions. Have a blast. You deserve it!