Maybe if she’d killed someone

Judy Mays is an author of erotic romance novels. Judy Buranich is an English school teacher. These two women are also the same person and that’s a problem for some parents in Pennsylvania.

I’d wanted to write about the Judy Mays incident when I first heard about it, but after watching the news report I couldn’t stop laughing. Especially when a parent said…

“Now my son knows, so how is he thinking when he’s sitting in her class knowing what she does on the side,” Apple said.

Really???? If you don’t think that statement’s hilarious, please stop reading now because what I say may offend you.

When will people give women credit for having imaginations? When will people understand that women can live their lives one way, but live creatively in another? How come a man can write about a serial killer stalking women and chaining them up in his basement and NO ONE will imply that he might do that in real life. But if a woman writes about meeting a man in the produce section and getting it on in meats, all of a sudden she’s either perverted or a danger to children?

It’s not only women writers of course; female readers are thought to have no imagination either. Some misguided feminists like to suggest that romance novels are at the route of domestic violence. Again, let me get this straight. A man can read about a chap (hello James!) who boinks a lot of women without getting a single STD and no one worries about male promiscuity. But a woman who reads about a lady taming an overbearing beast of a man is said to be headed down a dangerous road of physical abuse (because of course women can’t distinguish fact from fiction). And yet as feminists they claim that women and men are equal?

Okay, perhaps it’s just me. I’m reading too much into it. My feeble female brain can’t comprehend. Fortunately, Judy Mays has plenty of supporters and they spoke their minds.

And her books are selling like crazy!!

Imagine that.

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